Pattern making is a dying art in a generation of computerisation. We develop all of our patterns in house. Most of our work is cut by hand and supplemented by press knives for production.

Some of our oldest tools and machines are our best-helping hands. Many are obsolete, or their new counterparts are just not up to scratch.

We each have our strengths, and as a team, we rely on each other to always bring the best to the table. We look after each other just as much as we look after you.

We are unique in our diverse knowledge of product and materials. Having worked with so many different projects and clients, we embrace a challenge with our ‘can do’ attitude.

Combining an eclectic mix of traditional methods and new techniques, much of our work involves hand sewing and finishing.

We care, about our work, our clients, and our team. Patience, attention to detail and our ethos to get it right every time isn’t just about the product. It’s about relationships too.