Our Story

From day one, founder Denise Pearson decided that the business would not just be about her; it would have a personal identity and live longer than her years. Deni-Deni represents British heritage at its best, traditional craft skills, a great work ethic and genuine care for our customers and team. Unique in our knowledge of diverse techniques, materials, and products, proud of our can-do attitude and ability to solve problems, we are pleased to say we are team Deni-Deni.

"Deni-Deni were first recommended to me by Adam from Cherchbi, clearly for good reason. I have worked on several projects with Deni-Deni and the bespoke service offered is truly excellent. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality products they produce are second to none. Moreover with a friendly, and courteous approach, Deni-Deni is a fine example of British Craftsmanship at its very best, based in the beautiful Rossendale valley."
Sven Morris
Product Designer
Our story - Rossendale Valley

The Rossendale Valley, England

Founded in 2005, Deni-Deni started life in a small room within a car body repair shop in Bury, Lancashire. In 2006 the company expanded to larger premises in an area once a thriving shoe-making community. Surrounded by hills at every turn and lakes over yonder side, Deni-Deni lives next to St Peter's church; we know our neighbours by name and are part of our community.

Our story - Resources


Deni-Deni is not a factory but a large, extremely well-equipped workshop. Our tools and machinery are an eclectic mix of old and new. We are uncompromising in our work and with our materials. We use the best of everything, our threads, needles, brass dies, core materials and zips. We are mindful of origin, will always source locally before expanding our search, and put quality and provenance before price.

Our story - Together


Deni-Deni holds an enviable portfolio of clients that includes some of the most distinguished private individuals and respected international fashion and interior design houses. Our work has a global reach with testaments we hold very dear. We each have our strengths, and as a team, we rely on each other to bring out the best. Patience, attention to detail, and our ethos to get it right every time aren't just about the product. It's about relationships too. We look after each other just as much as we look after you, including bringing Jasper to work.