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Leopard skin handbag
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Leather clutch bag
Cutting material for handbag
Leather handbag strap
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Bespoke hangers

Deni-Deni is a small family business nestled in the beautiful Rossendale Valley in England making fine leather goods and furnishings for the fashion and interiors market. We specialise in bespoke commissions at the highest level working with private clientele and industry to deliver what may start as just an idea. For those looking for the ultimate present, we offer The Gift of Bespoke experience.

Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke, couture, one off, call it what you may, we make them from beginning to end. Handbag, belt, seat cushion, picture frame, pretty much anything other than a settee. Leather, fabric, straw, whatever takes your fancy.

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Give The Gift Of Bespoke

Tailor made for the person who has everything Deni-Deni offer gift experiences which allow the client to indulge their creativity from conception to completion.

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Our development service is an invitation for designers to work alongside a strong all round company who listens, understands and translates what may be a seed of an idea into a tangible product.

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Denise cutting

Pattern making is a dying art in a generation of computerisation. We develop all of our patterns in house. Most of our work is cut by hand and supplemented by press knives for production.

edging irons

Some of our oldest tools and machines are our best-helping hands. Many are obsolete, or their new counterparts are just not up to scratch.

Aden blocking

We each have our strengths, and as a team, we rely on each other to always bring the best to the table. We look after each other just as much as we look after you.


We are unique in our diverse knowledge of product and materials. Having worked with so many different projects and clients, we embrace a challenge with our ‘can do’ attitude.

Hannah sewing

Combining an eclectic mix of traditional methods and new techniques, much of our work involves hand sewing and finishing.

Sewing leather

We care, about our work, our clients, and our team. Patience, attention to detail and our ethos to get it right every time isn’t just about the product. It’s about relationships too.

Here is a quick summary of what we do

Here is a quick summary of what we do:

• Work closely with the client to establish their needs
• Research and development to translate back to the customer our recommendations
• Design
• Pattern cutting
• Sample making
• Small production

We work with a wide range of materials

We work with a wide range of materials, including:

• Leather
• Fur
• Fabric
• Straw
• Plastic
• Latex
• Wood
• Metal

We can make almost anything

We can make almost anything, but most commonly we make:

• All types of handbag, including framed bags
• Belts
• Small leather goods
• Mirror and picture frames
• Cushions and seat pads
• Jewellery boxes
• Watch straps

Techniques we use

Techniques we use:

• Embossing and debossing
• Macrame and weaving
• Beadwork
• Applique
• Box work
• Embroidery
• Hand painting and digital printing
• Wrapping
• Lasering and etching
• Quilting