The 'Gift Of Bespoke'

Giving the 'Gift of Bespoke' offers an experience that one will never forget. If you say, "I have no idea what to get her." Or asking, "What do I buy the man who has everything?" then this is one of the most delightful presents you'll find and indeed the simplest. All you need to do is put a ribbon on it. Making a bespoke item for a client need not necessarily require them to design it themselves. As exciting as it may be for some, others would shrink away from this prospect, feeling lost and unequipped. Denise gives a lot of time to her clients and is intuitive in understanding their needs and suggesting a design that fits the bill. By asking the right questions, the answers will come. The 'Gift of Bespoke' price is personal to you and depends on the brief, so please just call us to discuss. Remember, some of the most charming presents come in tiny boxes.

"The surprise and delight at receiving the Gift of Bespoke as a birthday present (which in itself is beautifully presented) was only the start. What an incredible journey, guided at each step by Denise, who listened patiently to my ramblings and turned an idea into reality. Denise's care and attention in designing and crafting the bag were an absolute pleasure to follow. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, unique evening bag surpassing the brief and something I will cherish for a long time. Thank you, Denise!"
Mrs Connor

Mrs Connor – Art Deco

This striking evening bag evolved from an 'Art Deco' remit. The stunning beading on the Deni-Deni removable clasp took two weeks of detailed hand stitching.

Mrs Gabriel – Scarab

This commission was chock full of unusual details. 3d printing built the fantastic scarab clasp, and the theme followed through to the elaborately embroidered strap. Tiny double-welted pockets invited secrets to be stored inside.

What You Will Receive

A paper voucher or booklet doesn't quite cut the mustard when gifting such a special present. So we endeavour to give a taste of what is to come by compiling a small goodie box that gives you something to wrap and ribbon.