The Brief

Elstree Studios approached us to see if we could help them reproduce a leather desk photo frame for their next series of The Crown. All we had to work from was a black and white photo of the original item.

What We Did

The original frame had a particular leather texture which is indicative of traditional vintage leather desk products. Our knowledge and research confirmed that it was probably vegetable-tanned goatskin and we were able to source a pretty good match. The leather skins we bought continue to be used to make leather desk products within the Royal Household.

Our client chose traditional colours racing car green and navy. The monogram was debossed inhouse with gold foil, and the frames made in two sizes. Therefore, the thickness of the timber needed to be different for each size which was CNC cut from one solid piece of wood.

Although there was no back image of the Royal photo frame, Denise decided to make the product look as good from the back as it did from the front. Although they were film props, one didn’t know if the camera would pan around the back of the set, so it was essential to think through all eventualities.

The main body of the leather frame is all one piece of leather which Denise moulded over to the back. This process was painstaking, but the result neat and the finished products were so well received we have made more leather film props for the studio since.

We needed to respect confidentiality until the series had aired and this is typical even for fashion houses when we make for the catwalk and new collections.

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Leather frames for The Crown series
Leather frames for The Crown series
Leather frames for The Crown series