Tan Cross Over Belt and Tan Clutch
Shearling Handbag
Grey Clutch Bag Brown Belt

We have made twelve catwalk collections now for Topshop Unique. These images are only a few of the hundreds we hold in our archive.

“ ...No matter what we throw at them, the final result is always outstanding... ”

“ ...extremely hardworking... ”

Clair Uzan
Established designer, Topshop Unique

“ ...expert craftmanship and attention to detail... ”

“ ...beautifully handcrafted show piece... ”

Tara Taylor
Design Manager, Topshop Unique

The Brief

The design process for a catwalk show begins months before the big day. The design team are responsible to their team leader who in turn reports to the designer of the whole collection. The audience sees only the pieces that have been handpicked by the stylist.

The accessories designer will spend a day with Denise showing her their ideas and talking through their choice of materials. Denise, in turn, will pick up on any technical issues and from that day onward the dialogue between them is intense. The brief is to deliver the collection on time, no matter what.

What We Did

Materials and hardware arrive at the studio on an ad hoc basis, so we have fine tuned the logistics of knowing what is for which piece, how and where everything is stored, and if we have enough. We have to make sure we have considered everything down to the correct type and colour threads, do we need special interfacings, and is our calendar clean, so we have enough staff to cope. From day one we are on a stopwatch and have a countdown calendar on our wall.Patterns and toiles enable the designer to visualise scale and proportion. If there is a tricky element, then this may be sampled before starting the catwalk item. For this collection Aden took responsibility for the fifty belts and Denise organised the bags. Within one collection we may be working with such a diverse array of materials at any one time that it is here that our in-house knowledge comes into its own. Shearling is hand trimmed for seams; cream bags are encased in plastic bags while stitching to ensure they are kept clean. Leather cut edges are hand inked to perfection. At every stage, there is a constant flow of conversations and a sharing of images with the Topshop designers. Like all design houses leading up to their catwalk show, we work all hours, through the nights and up to the last minute to deliver on time, every time.

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