Development and sampling is just what we do, and we do it well. You will be dealing directly with Denise and Aden, so the assignment is tightly managed and simple.

A project brief can be a formal design specification or a vague idea that is discussed and evolved into a more concise picture. We can work just as well from a doodle as a CAD. The more help you give us, the better, a goodie bag of where your inspiration comes from assists enormously.

Both parties will have questions to ask before moving forward. The client will need an idea of cost, lead time, and capacity for possible production. We may need to quiz a spec to be sure we understand the design and raise any technical issues. Even without visuals, by asking the right questions, we can get an idea of what the client is trying to c

Once we have collated all the information, we may need to research and source materials and components for the client's approval. If a drawing hasn’t been provided, we will present visuals and explain our ideas for construction.

It sometimes helps to make a card mock up or fabric toile to enable a client to envisage the scale and construction of the product.

Patterns and making quite often develop together. One section of the item may need to be made first to ensure a perfect fit for the adjoining part. We remain in regular contact with the client with feedback on progress in the form of email, telephone calls, and images.

Once the piece is finally made we will deliver this via courier for next day delivery. For international deliveries, appropriate arrangements will be made.