Fashion Week 2018

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Between London and New York fashion week we saw a number of fashion houses come together and collaborate on our favourite accessory; BAGS. We know here at Deni-Deni the importance of working in a collaborative environment to share ideas, opinions and achieve the most creative outcomes, so these bags have really impressed us!

The stand out collection from New York fashion week came from up and coming brand, Area, named after one of New York’s most popular 80’s nightclub’s, the brand which provides us with a nostalgic feel – in the most contemporary and exciting way possible. Known for their revival of bold two-tone fabrics and capability of incorporating chandelier crystals in all aspect of their previous runway show we were excited to see that Area delivered us mini trunks covered in crystal fringing, metallic leathers and embellishments, all in collaboration with Italian leather goods house, Bertoni 1949. Area took the opportunity to shake up Bertoni’s classic frames through adding their personalised dazzling touch. Their take on the round frame bag saw it ready to burst, whilst the candy pink colour ways compliment the boldly printed garments and colour blocked looks.

Over in London, designer Matty Bovan teased us with a release of his bags made in collaboration with Coach – a day before his runway show. Teaming up with Coach’s Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, the pair gave the iconic Coach classics a remix with the addition of paint, pearls glitter and foils. But the real treat came the following day, when Bovan delivered blown up versions of Coach’s belt bags. The oversized pieces added to the various multi-layered looks to achieve the crazy, chaotic elegance Bovan strives for. We find order in the disordered through complimenting colours and large, bold prints made in keeping with the size and scale of the collaborative bags.

Thank you to New York and London fashion week for leaving us inspired to keep on creating, working together and to look twice at how we do things!