Framed Handbags

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What goes around comes around and framed bags are once again in the fashion arena. I made this framed evening bag when I was twenty years old and it still looks as great today as it did then. Some handbags are simply timeless and when I designed this handbag I gave that no thought. Our design brief at college was to make a framed bag and this was my take. It makes sense looking back as at that stage in my life I was still dressmaking and this bag really does show off those skills. In-fact I wish I could employ that young lady today. (Bring back the needlework, woodwork, metalwork and engineering departments in secondary schools is what I say). Framed bags are a lost art in this country. There was a time when factories housed an armoury of framing machines with tooling for all frame profiles imaginable. Most people wouldn’t have a clue what a framing machine was these days. For bags that is.