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Invest in Rossendale got off to a great start by inviting Adam, a Google marketing specialist to deliver a Google Digital Garage to Rossendale businesses with the aim to bring us all up to speed with getting the most out of Google tools to maximise marketing outreach and brand awareness.

Some insightful tips were to build our brand’s voice by looking into characteristics Deni-Deni’s personality holds to communicate more clearly with our audience. I believe our three main personality traits are;


Denise’s 36 years of industry knowledge on how to adapt, overcome and create the impossible.


How each project is timed and meticulously created to meet deadlines, yet the thoughtful touches remain apparent.


How lucky I have been to learn so much in the short two months I have been with Deni-Deni. It has already been a great deal more than the three years I spent at Uni!

A lot of trial and error is involved in delivering the best possible content effectively to you. We will be experimenting with the SMART guidelines Adam outlined; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.

I learnt it is crucial we invest in social media channels which are relevant to us. Being on every single platform isn’t essential if we can’t effectively share content which shows all of the beautiful, creative and insightful things we get up to in the studio on a day to day basis. So, feeling inspired by yesterday’s Google Digital Garage, expect to be hearing more from the team and me across all of our social media platforms as we share our bespoke leather goods production journey.

Instagram – @denidenistudio
Twitter – @denideni
Facebook – /Denideni

I’d highly recommend checking out the free tools Google offers, or even attending one of the insightful workshops yourself!