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What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours. Today is definitely a proud one for team Deni-Deni.

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Living a life of ignorance can sometimes be a blessing. Had I known who Lucia Van De Post is then I may not have nattered on so casually when she phoned last month researching material for her forthcoming article in The Financial Times. It wasn’t until after the call I realised the editorial in question was to be featured in How To Spend It and I did know that this magazine is rather special. It’s won various awards and has a bucket full of kudos to last a lifetime. Lucias first question to me was did we make true bespoke? The answer was yes, but I understood exactly where the question came from. Bespoke is a word that has lost it’s true meaning, it is mis used and over used. The trouble is that there is a limited number of options, couture is a word that fits us, custom sounds Americanised and made-to-measure doesn’t quite fit the bill. So bespoke it is and we are the real deal.

Titled ‘Each To Her Own’, Lucias two page review of niche handbag designer-makers will be framed and proudly hung in our studio.

Newspaper Article Handbag

‘For a unique handcrafted handbag that will outfox even the cognoscenti.’ Nicely put.