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I’m sure we would all agree that the internet is pretty awesome. As a company, and even on our private profiles, the internet demands beautiful photography; vibrant colours, complex compositions and unbeatable clarity. We live in an age where you can buy one mobile phone that has three cameras built-in, achieving quality images for everyday life has never been so easy. However, the person behind the camera may have no clue on composition or any understanding of what appeals to their target audience, so their image is still, a little lacking.

We may be a small company, but like many others, we are competing with multi-million-pound businesses and one factor that I believe will always give us a leg up? Beautiful photography. We use our camera phone for social media updates as it’s quick and convenient; however, our website requires more ‘quality’ shots (that we’re still updating). If you’re a company, or even an inspired couple looking for a wedding photographer, you’ll understand how difficult it is to find someone who ‘understands you’. It’s a given they need to be great at their job, but there’s a lot of value in someone’s personality, people like people! It took some time, but we found a photographer who ticks all the boxes and goes above and beyond.

Professional Photography Bag

If you’ve found our blog, it’s likely you already know that we specialise in bespoke work (and if you didn’t already know then, ta-dah!). The process means our unique orders are made, photographed, then wrapped and sent. We don’t see the final photographs on the day, nor do we have the luxury of holding onto our orders, so we get one chance at a great shot to remember them by; no pressure! Often, our products are too valuable to send away and be photographed so, our photographer, Karl, comes to us. You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of kit that comes with a photographer. We have a small studio, but he pops up fancy umbrellas, coloured boards, clicks buttons, makes lights flash, it’s all rather exciting. In less than ten minutes, our studio has transformed into his. I’ve no doubt achieving a quality base image is just the start, and the little edits that happen in his actual studio later are the finishing touches. (One thing I have learnt is that edits are much like makeup, applied to enhance, not change!)

If you don’t believe in professional photographers, naturally have an eye for great composition and your camera phone images rival professionals then you’re uber-talented, and I’m incredibly jealous. We, unfortunately, aren’t so lucky, but that’s why we have our excellent photographer, Karl, who saves the day.

Professional Photography Ladder

A fun fact about me, I managed to bag myself a decent grade in A-Level Photography, it took me three years to hack the basics. So, when I landed at Deni-Deni, I thought I’d put my new skills in motion and help with the images (that’s me on the ladders in 2012!). At the time, I was proud of my achievements, they were better than most, and I got to fiddle around with the ‘Manual’ setting which made me feel rather important, however, isn’t hindsight a beautiful thing? I now see that I should’ve perhaps left the settings alone and stuck to what I was good at (which wasn’t photography). From that experience, I understood just how tricky it was to achieve the ‘perfect’ image and that professional photographers, (if they’re good at their job) are incredibly talented, with an ability to compose a beautiful image that is no less than a work of art.

So, if you’re on the fence as to whether a professional photographer is a good investment, we would say to go for it.

Your imagery holds a lot of power; don’t underestimate it.


P.S thanks for reading my first blog post! If you like it, please let me know, I love a good compliment, but equally, if you don’t think I should quit my day job, tell me that too.

Python bag: Image Group
Camera: Alexander Wang