Sustaining a Cleaner World

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It’s becoming increasingly apparent that our world requires a little TLC. As a company, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and where possible, we are making choices that cut down wastage, ensuring less goes to landfill or inevitably our oceans. This post is a little insight into what we’re already doing to ensure our contribution is greener, but where possible, as with many of you, we’re continually striving for better.


Our most significant eco point is that we specialise in bespoke work and therefore only order the items we need. Once an order is complete, if we have any remaining components such as unused leather, we offer our clients the opportunity to use it up on a different product, be that accessories or interior pieces – get creative!

Our bespoke mirror frames require an oversized foam insert, but when we cut it to size, we use all offcuts as glue applicators within other projects. There are instances where we can’t make use of all our remnants, be that leather or other materials, so instead; we donate them to local organisations who can make better use. Our local puppet theatre ‘The Boo’  use our leather pieces for the joints of their amazing puppets. (If, like Boo, you could make use of our offcuts, please do get in touch)


We regularly receive deliveries, which means we frequently receive packaging. If the packaging is heavily damaged, then it’ll be recycled accordingly, however, if it’s salvageable, we’ll use it for future orders. Perhaps a little mix-matched but we hope our clients understand the value of what we’re trying to achieve and if possible, keep the cycle going and reuse it again!

Sometimes, an old box doesn’t cut the mustard, so we have to use a fresh one but don’t panic! Our 1kg and 5kg boxes have over 58% recycled content, and our bubble wrap is 100% biodegradable. All future packaging orders will continue to be eco-friendly alternatives, with increased recycled content.

Reuse, Recycle

We did a blog post back in 2017 about upcycling our glossy magazines for glueing but reuse loads of stuff; jam jars house our bespoke inks, printer cartridges are refills, and kitchen crockery is mainly from charity shops. We organise our everyday recycling into the appropriate bins, but to ensure we were doing it correctly, we printed a list from our local council website. Particularly handy when it comes to plastic recycling as it explains clearly what those little triangular codes mean -perhaps a tip to have a little look for your household recycling too!


Our machinery is a biggie when it comes to energy but, when not in use, everything, including our kettle, gets flicked off at the mains. Arguably, our favourite piece of machinery, (if you can call it that) is the Bialetti. A reusable coffee pot that doesn’t require disposable pods, yay!


This blog post may be one of our longest, but we think it’s perhaps the one with most meaning. We want to ensure we’re contributing to a cleaner environment, but also, the sustainability of traditional craftsmanship. Looking towards the future, we hope to create a designated area for training, with the idea of hosting classes, allowing us to share basic skills with the community – watch this space.

Photo by Roman Ivanina on Unsplash