The Top 10 Designer Handbag Blogs to Follow Today

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If you are obsessed like us with everything to do with designer handbags then you are likely to be searching the internet to find out what’s new on a regular basis. This can sometimes be a chore if you don’t know where to start. For this reason we have searched the internet for you and compiled a list of some of the best designer handbag blogs on the internet today. (In no particular order)

Here is the list of the 10 best designer handbag blogs for those handbag lovers to get the latest information and trends straight from the experts.

Deni-Deni Designer Handbags


To start the list of we have some shameless self-promotion about our own blog. Too busy to be penning every day but certainly we give a different perspective to all these great blogs below. Follow us above to keep up to date!

Bag Bliss Designer Handbags

Bag Bliss

This is where you can find the most exquisite creation of designer handbags. You can find all the latest trends and reviews, celebrity style, interviews and what’s current and in season.

Purse Blog Designer Handbags

Purse Blog

Purse Blog is a platform where handbag lovers and fashion fanatics can find all the latest news and information from fashion industry experts and contributors. According to Purse Blog, ‘It now plays host to millions of readers per month and is the internet’s largest, most popular source of news and information for designer handbags.’

Queen Bee Designer Handbags

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills is where you can find everything you wanted to know about the world of fashion and great deals on designer handbags. According to them, ‘We are here to be your “rock”, reporting on the latest handbag trends and fashion trends to all the people that simply love to shop “designer”.’ A great blog which gave us the inspiration for this very post, a highly recommended read!

Bag Blog Designer Handbags

The Bag Blog

A community that shares their experiences with handbags. A Handbag is one of the most important accessories for a women and it’s all about style, fashion, comfort and convenience. This blog is all about discovering, ‘bags that make you smile when you pick them up in the morning…. Bags that make you feel good.’ According to The Bag Blog, ‘If you are looking for the same, then you’ve come to the right place.’

Bag Snob Designer Handbags

Bag Snob

The daily blog that talks about the best designer handbags on the market. Here you will find honest reviews and feedbacks about designer bags which reflects Bag Snob editors taste and choice of high end luxury designer products. Bag Snob is launching a line of handbags this spring called the Snob Essentials. The editors explains that, ‘the line will feature on-trend cross body, tote and backpack styles in vegan leathers, all with custom hardware.’

Bella Bag Designer Handbags

Bella Bag

It’s all about authenticity and Bella Bag is the one place where you can buy, sell and trade vintage and contemporary luxury designer handbags. According to the editor, ‘Authenticity is the most important element of Bella Bag… While there are many beautiful and luxurious bags out there, it is also essential to make sure that they are authentic.’ This blog is all about differentiating between the real ones against the fakes out there. The one place where you feel secure and know that you are in safe hands.

Bag Lady Designer Handbags

The Bag Lady

This blog is devoted to handbags that completes the different types of outfits. It’s all about current and upcoming trends, the type of styles to look out for and the importance of functionality in bags.

Handbag Blog Designer Handbags

The Handbag Blog

Here at The Handbag Blog, you will find all the tips, tricks and great deals on the market.
Stay up to date with trend alerts, the latest styles, top brands, celeb and their handbags and bag organisation.

Purse Page Designer Handbags

The Purse Page

If its designer handbags shopping advice you are looking for then Purse Page has the info for you with reviews, images and a whole range on info available.

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