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Our development service is an invitation for designers to work alongside a strong all round company who listens, understands and translates what may be a seed of an idea into a tangible product.

The industry does not matter; the concept remains the same. Challenging development work is what we embrace. Quite often the client has an idea and no notion of how to make it happen. They have neither the time nor the aptitude to source materials nor do research. Other customers know what they want but through not listening, others have got it wrong. You can involve us at whatever level helps you achieve the end game.

“ Denise's workmanship is lovely and her bags have graced some of our most important clientele. She works hard to help us meet our client's deadlines and is completely reliable. It is a pleasure to work with her. ”

Sylvia Fletcher, Designer, James Lock & Co.,Hatters, London
Katie Biltoft

Case Study 2

Katie Biltoft »

“ I am still learning something new every day, which is a joy. It keeps you on your toes. Making new work is part of being an artist and working with other designers who challenge us is great. ”


Many projects start with us in their infancy and clients can be apprehensive about investing in large production in the beginning.

We are not a factory, but rather a well-equipped workshop with the capacity to grow. We have no minimum quantity and are sensitive to clients needs. When a quick turnaround is needed, and we have a window to help, then we will. Our diverse knowledge of techniques has evolved over the decades by having a can-do attitude. Denise’s upbringing in needlework has merged with traditional leather goods methods to produce a unique twist to our approach of making.

To discuss, please call Denise on +44 (0)1706 26 06 06