Sampling And Production

Our development service invites designers to work alongside a solid all-around company that listens, understands and translates what may be a seed of an idea into a tangible product. The industry does not matter; the concept remains the same. Challenging development work is what we embrace. Quite often, the client has an idea and no notion of how to make it happen. They have neither the time nor the aptitude for sourcing materials nor doing research. Other customers know what they want. You can involve us at whatever level helps you achieve the end game.

Our diverse knowledge of techniques has evolved over the decades by having a can-do attitude. We are not a factory but a well-equipped workshop with no minimum quantity. When a quick turnaround is needed, and we have a window to help, we will.

Case Studies

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Denise and her Team. Denise is highly devoted, ingenious and communicative. Our project had a very tight timeline, and she ensured delivery on time with very well-executed products. Thank you again"
Guillemette Legrand
Creative Director, Pentatonic, Germany

Smallbone - Interiors

We make all of Smallbone's leather work, including the leather-wrapped handrail in their flagship Luxury Pavilion in London's Knightsbridge reaching over thirty metres in length.

Catwalk - Fashion

With years of experience making bags and belts for runway and post-production, we understand complicated logistics and tight deadlines.

Rawstudio - Games

Sixty-four individual suede squares are only part of this innovative chess set. The board is two halves which roll within two batons of interlocking metal pieces-an intriguing second puzzle to explore.

Our Process


A project brief can be a formal design specification or a vague idea that is discussed and evolved into a more concise picture. We can work just as well from a doodle as a CAD. The more help you give us, the better. Both parties will have questions to ask before moving forward. We may need to quiz a spec to be sure we understand the design and raise any technical issues.


Once we have collated all the information, we may need to research and source materials and components for the client's approval. We can help with visuals and technical manufacturing methods. It sometimes helps to make a card mock-up or fabric toile to enable a client to envisage the scale and structure of the product.


We remain in regular contact with the client with feedback on progress through email, telephone calls, and WhatsApp. Patterns and making quite often develop together. One section of the item may need to be finished first to ensure a perfect fit for the adjoining part. Upon completion of manufacturing, we will be in an informed position to discuss production where applicable.